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Full text of "Poland Russia and Great Britain 1941-1945"

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ce For the c investigation * both the Polish Government and the Hitlerite
Government invited the International Red Cross, which is compelled* in
conditions of a terroristic regime, with its gallows and mass extermination
of the peaceful population, to take part in this investigation farce staged by
Hitler. Clearly such an f investigation/ conducted behind the back of the
Soviet Government, cannot evoke the confidence of people possessing any
degree of honesty.
^ cc The fact that the hostile campaign against the Soviet Union commenced
simultaneously in the German and Polish Press, and was conducted along
the same lines, leaves no doubt as to the existence of contact and accord in
carrying out this hostile campaign between the enemy of the Allies, Hitler
—and the Polish Government.
" While the peoples of the Soviet Union, bleeding profusely in a hard
struggle against Hitlerite Germany, are straining every effort for the defeat
of the common enemy of the Russian and Polish peoples, and of all freedom-
loving democratic countries, the Polish Government, to please Hitler's
tyranny, has dealt a treacherous blow to the Soviet Union.
cc The Soviet Government is aware that this hostile campaign against the
Soviet Union is being undertaken by the Polish Government in order to
exert pressure upon the Soviet Government by making use of the slanderous
Hitlerite fake for the purpose of wresting from it territorial concessions at
the expense of the interests of the Soviet Ukraine, Soviet Byelorussia and
Soviet Lithuania,
"All these circumstances compel the Soviet Government to recognise that
the present Government of Poland, having slid on to the path of accord with
Hitler's Government, has actually discontinued allied relations with the
U.S.S.R., and has adopted a hostile attitude towards the Soviet Union.
cc On the strength of the above, the Soviet Government has decided to
sever relations with the Polish Government.**
Molotov, in his Note, had made the accusation off contact and accord '
between Hitler and the Polish Government. It was a paradoxical state-
ment since that same Soviet Foreign Commissar, by his 6 contact and
accord' with Germany in the first place had been able to capture those
several thousand Polish officers, who had disappeared only to be found in
that terrible Katyn pit. The Note of the Polish Government had been
couched in very moderate terms., not accusing,, but asking for an explana-
tion. Under the German accusation, the Soviet Government merely
changed its role from defendant to public prosecutor with * no doubt as
to the existence * ofc contact between Hitler and Sikorski/
The indignation expressed by Molotov in a Note regarding the c< in-
vestigation, conducted behind the back of the Soviet Government,35 and
his conviction that such an " investigation could not evoke the confidence
of people possessing any degree of honesty " was ill-founded. As it has
been recorded above, when the Soviet Government had conducted an
investigation in the Katyn Forest in January, *9443 not one foreigner was
allowed to assist even as an onlooker, and the entire action had been
accomplished behind the backs of the Polish and Allied Governments,
Anglo-American opinion, unaware of the actual facts, and taking the
reports of both parties into consideration (the moderate attitude of tfae